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HP Hero
I’ve just attended the 3-day training in Sheffield with Jessica Cunningham and a group of other incredible women and one courageous man! It was so powerful to witness transformations in others and myself too from this incredible modality.

Nuala Nagle

Tracey, UK

My fear of flying is gone after one session I actually did on myself!!! I live on an island and it has caused huge anxiety my whole life but it’s now completely gone as I coded in new beliefs; I LOVE FLYING AND FLYING IS FUN – life changing!!! This is amazing, honestly, you have nothing to lose by showing up and watching the free workshop. I DID and now I’m hooked and I’m actually going to be a fully accredited facilitator soon which I will do FOREVER as I love it so much!

Emma Deeks, UK

Everything you’ve heard is all true! I have personally changed so many of my beliefs from a negative to a positive within minutes. The difference in me and the results in my acheivements are astonishing. You 100% have to try this!

Leah Rodrigues

I have found many small shifts that seemed so natural and have encouraged me to take more inspired action. I trust more in my intuition and I take action. Previously, I would procrastinate and ruminate until I talked myself out of my why. Now I just do what feels right at the moment. I feel much more charged and at ease in my life. Grateful for Belief Coding® and excited about the future.
I had a lifelong fear of snakes and I Belief Coded® it and now snakes are my friend! I love snakes and the way they move! I also had lifelong psoriasis and this has now gone after three big sessions. I am thankful every day for Belief Coding®. My children’s constant state of over-excitement and loud noise would trigger me at mealtimes or drain my energy but now it genuinely doesn’t bother me anymore!!

Helen Edgecombe

Paula O'Connor

Transformations really do happen. See for yourself. I’m blown away daily by Belief Coding®. Grateful for Jess and all the things that Belief Coding™ brings.

Danielle Baron

Belief Coding® saved my relationship twice and came in useful when I was in the thick of emotion both times which I believe is the universe helping me! I’m not saying in my relationship I was at fault, as it takes two, but there’s that saying that if you can change your reactions for the better, you can improve the surroundings, and Belief Coding® helped me to do that. It’s fast and effective!

Hannah Younge

Yay!! This is so exciting for those who haven’t experienced Belief Coding® yet, just wait and see… it will blow your minds!!! From experiencing it myself, I can 100% say that it’s transformed my life already, and as a training facilitator myself, I’ve seen it firsthand work on others too. Woop woop! Enjoy!
Amazing!!! My community already knows lots about the change in me and going to show them how they can do the same. I’ve also had other facilitators in the community comment about how I have transformed lives. Honestly, to me, this is literally a quantum leap. I have gone from chronically unwell in bed to working like mad as I bloody love it! I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been so I can’t wait to get people in the same place and some even further as I come from being chronically unwell and had to overcome that first. So excited.


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