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Vicki Seward

Accredited Belief Coding® Facilitator

Donington PE11 4UA


Hi, my name is Vicki, I am a Holistic Energy Healer, Medium, Oracle Card Reader, Reiki Master Teacher & BeliefCoding®️ Facilitator

I am led by Spirit within my work, working with Guides, Angels, & Loved Ones. My work is unique to your needs.

As a healer & teacher, I am here to listen and be able to help you understand your current situation better, to help you push past your energy blocks & internalised fears. In order to take you to the next level, reach your goals and your full potential by removing the blocks & aligning with your true self by healing.

​My aim is to help you feel empowered, be more positive and have a sense of accomplishment. Giving you a more fulfilled life through my work with your mind, body & soul.

I've been a BeliefCoding®️ Facilitator since 02.02.2022. (Alignment) I have watched so many people transform in front of my eyes it's not only been amazing but also a blessing to be able to support there healing journey & for them to be able to rise to there next level of vibration.

Vicki Seward
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