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Theresa Strang

Accredited Belief Coding® Facilitator

Natick, MA


Helping people realize their full potential lights me up! There is nothing more satisfying than a happy client who then goes on to make others happy. It's the ripple effect for expansion!

When I learned about how the brain works, how to discern and shift patterns, how to change habits, alleviate stress, and grow who you are, it rocked my world! I knew my calling was to help others learn and utilize these principles to their advantage.

THEN, I found Belief Coding and BAM! The game changed!

💫Imagine being able to change a long held belief in 45 - 120* minutes?

💫Imagine not having an emotional charge when you think back on a traumatic memory!?

💫Imagine being able to shift energies and elevate your life?!

💫Imagine finally being able to sleep better, stop drinking, smoking, biting your nails - the list goes on!

What is Belief Coding good for? EVERYTHING! Testimonials available.

Free 20 minute discovery call, let’s chat!

Theresa Strang
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