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Rachael Parland

Accredited Belief Coding® Coach

St Asaph North Wales


Rachael Parland is a cosmic healer, a Soul Led Empowerment Coach and a Number 1Best Selling Author.

As a master of mindset, manifesting, limiting beliefs, spirituality, lunar living and business

strategies, Rachael combines, numerous years of coaching and self-developing to support, coach

and mentor people that have not only suffered loss but those wanting transformational change.

By changing one’s mindset and setting clear intentions, Rachael advocates that we all deserve to

live a life which includes self-love, abundance, joy and purpose and whatever stage you are on your

journey to live a better life, by removing old habits and limiting beliefs and becoming the best

version of yourself both personally and professionally.

Having qualified in the fitness industry during her early years she moved into the Corporate World,

Managing, Coaching Mentoring and Developing staff within her realm. After tragically losing her

five-year-old beloved child Rocco, Rachael realised she needed to find a more fulfilling purpose in

life. Beginning a six year-long study, Rachael became a lecturer in Social Policy and Travel and


As she healed, she began her journey of healing by introducing Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation,

Mindset and the Law of Attraction. Following her Dharma, she met a Spiritual Healer who began to

peel back her layers, she was introduced to the world of Spirituality, Reiki (currently seeking her

Masters Qualification), Lunar living, Crystal Energy, Massage and Ayurveda.

She is a certified Life Coach, a Belief Code registered facilitator, a Reach and Thrive Full Potential Coach and offers a whole host of soul centred heart led

Cosmic and intuitive treatments of both traditional and modern styles.

Rachael is incredibly passionate about sharing her journey, experience and knowledge to inspire

others into finding gratification and self-worth for life despite the adversity they may have faced.

Rachael Parland
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