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Petina (Tina) Walker

Accredited Belief Coding® Facilitator

Exeter UK


I have been counselling for 16 years. I am trauma informed and although Transactional Analysis underpins my practice I have always embraced working intuitively with my clients.

I am an experienced Advanced Integrative Counsellor and I work with all aspects of life that may cause a client to seek counselling, however, my specialisms are dependency, addiction, stress, anxiety, trauma and grief.

Although my private practice, Get Clarity Counselling, is based in Exeter, Devon UK I now work exclusively online, mainly via Zoom, as this allows me to work with a global caseload of clients who all present with a diverse range of issues.

I made a conscious decision to develop my spiritual and energetic practice a few years ago, which took off in May 2022 after I found Belief Coding®️.

Since becoming Accredited, Belief Coding®️ has become a huge part of my counselling practice.

Incorporating Belief Coding®️ into my practice allows me to work more deeply with my clients. We release information stored deep within the subconscious mind, Whilst facilitating this kinaesthetic, energetic process the subconscious mind identifies, (yes, literally pinpoints and names) trapped emotions held within the body, it allows the client to see & feel exactly what the need to in order to get straight to the heart of the matter, to process, release and heal the wounds of historical trauma: the blocks, the self-limiting beliefs, the unhelpful behaviours, addictions, fears, all of which are the outcomes of past traumatic events.

We don't fix problems.. we facilitate a process... the outcomes speak for themselves and without exception each and every session has been totally mind blowing!!

I really do feel that Belief Coding®️ is an absolute gift. I am so grateful to Jessica Cunningham; I am beyond happy that I am able to provide this powerful modality for my clients.

Belief Coding®️ really does work and I am so happy to have this star attraction in my "counselling and beyond" tool kit!

Petina (Tina) Walker
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