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Paula Fearn

Accredited Belief Coding® Facilitator



Depression, anxiety and PTSD. All have featured heavily in my life and all have resulted in blocking me from living the life I truly deserved.

Lack of self belief, zero confidence, absolutely hating myself at times - all this despite years of traditional approaches to manage my thoughts and feelings.

On a quiet evening in February 2022 all of that changed. I attended the most powerful masterclass with the founder, Jessica Cunningham, and it changed me and my life completely.

Medicated for over half my life, I am finally symptom and medication free from all the mental health issues I've battled over the years. I no longer 'go through the motions' just to get through each day, I actually now LIVE it! No longer do I feel worthless, helpless and insignificant. I'm empowered, confident and know EXACTLY what my worth is!

I'm making a difference. I always knew I was meant to, but now I have the tools to actually make it happen.

And I help others who feel like I used to. To 'relight their fire'. To eliminate limiting beliefs once and for all and learn how to cope with all that life throws their way effortlessly.

From a psychology and mental health background, I was first on a mission to heal myself through learning. I'm a certified Life & LOA Coach, NLP practitioner, Quantum Reiki healer and a Spiritual Counsellor. I can hand on heart say nothing else comes close to the speed and effectiveness of healing I've received and facilitated clients with in Belief Coding®️

I offer a tailored approach to sessions, drawing on all aspects of my knowledge and experience. Curious? Let's chat!

Paula Fearn
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