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Maura Gilmore

Accredited Belief Coding® Facilitator



With over 10 years experience in personal development, I was always looking for 'something' to help me heal my own trauma, so I could stop the internal pain and fear that was stopping me achieving my dreams. I have experienced childhood abuse, self harm, domestic violence, loss of a child, divorce, and then cancer. I had so much buried but no idea how to heal. My life as a single mum was a struggle and my mental health was in tatters.

Thankfully I found Belief Coding. It has helped me in ways I could never imagine. I have found true and lasting happiness within. I actually like me again. I am excited for my future. I know I have everything it takes to succeed, and this time I actually believe that I deserve it!

Belief Coding had such a profound effect on me I then used it to help my 12 year old son who was having the worst nightmares. He worried so much about me dying and him and his brother being left alone. He had very low self esteem and my heart ached for him. He no longer has nightmares and his confidence is starting to build. To be able to help my kids was even better than helping myself.

Now I want to help other women, just like me, who have dreams for a happier life, to help them love themselves and find inner peace. To give them back the self belief and power they were born with. To help them get rid of the fear that is holding them back, so they can make their own decisions with confidence and find happiness in whatever path they choose.

Maura Gilmore
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