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Leonor Barrientos

Accredited Belief Coding® Facilitator

Costa del Sol, Spain


After a big breakdown almost two years ago, I now feel like that butterfly after a huge transformation. I don´t even recognise the old me any more.

Thanks to a series of " divine coincidences" that crossed my path, I have expanded my spiritual knowledge and open some incredible portals that allow me to help souls and this makes me a VERY HAPPY PERSON (I use my Light Language, Belief Coding, energy swapping, distant healings, etc), but it was not always like that. I have come from a very dark place.

Years ago I became a very sceptical person. Lost complete Faith in God and didn’t believe in anything “supernatural” at all.

Then I had a very bad experience with doctors which caused me a big-big trauma. This, together with my lack of Faith in God, took me to a very dark place, full of fears, big fears, dark clouds over my head, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, emptiness, isolation, weakness, vulnerability, and many more.

Long story short; God (through its tools) leaded me to what I am today, and the rest is history!! Please, have a look at my Facebook page for testimonials. If something that I have said resonates or attracts you, be sure that I can help you, so you can go back to your blue skies again.

Discomforts that I have cleared so far:




Fear of flight.

Sea sickness.

Period pain and monthly discomfort.




Knee pain.

Back pain.


Organs cleansing.

Chakra cleansing.

Imposter syndrome.

Skin, nails, and hair conditions.

Couple relationships/jealousy.

Money blocks.


And many more. 🎈

Leonor Barrientos
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