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Kristina Steigerwald

Accredited Belief Coding® Facilitator



Hello beautiful souls! <3 I am a Belief Coding® Facilitator since November 2022 and a life coach. I'm loving it so much to support people who really want change in their lives. I experienced amazing results with my clients and self facilitations. Thanks to Belief Coding® I made my dreams come true! I left Germany, my fears, self sabotage, worries and physical pain behind to go for a big adventure, to travel the world with confidence and ease and am building now my Online-Coachingbusiness. My Clients appreciate my non-judgmental, compassionate and powerful work and have amazing results, e.g. with stoping smoking, physical pain, speaking English in public, anxiety, cystitis, back pain and much, much more. So let's get in touch if you resonate with my energy and change your beliefs that are holding you back to live your dream life! LOVE, Kristina <3

Kristina Steigerwald
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