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Julie White

Accredited Belief Coding® Facilitator



Hi I'm Julie, I founded Pussy Galore® to help women like me reconnect with their true selves by getting to the root cause of their issues with self-pleasure, sex and self-worth.

For 30 years I suffered numerous gynaecological issues; from bacterial vaginosis to cysts, swollen labia, aggravated episiotomy scar, painful sex, protruding vagina, bleeding after sex, cervical ectropion and abnormal cell results on her smears which led to loop excisions.

These problems drove a wedge between my partner and I, we stopped having sex for over a year and not being fully intimate meant we were unable to fully connect with each other.

I put my loss of sex drive down to perimenopausal symptoms, however, deep down there was a part of my sensual sexy side that I really missed, I had lost touch with her, I felt like a huge part of who I was had disappeared and my self-esteem was affected.

My healing journey started with an Intuitive Massage which cleared a lot of energetic blocks. Once these were cleared I started to get a lot of intuitive downloads that led me onto Jess Cunningham's Belief Coding, it was through this process that I discovered that a trapped emotion of disgust at age 15, depression age 27, and panic age 28 were the root causes of all of my gynaecological issues. Since clearing the trapped emotions and reframing my mindset with more positive loving thoughts, every single one of my gynaecological problems have disappeared. This process made me realise I had sent nothing but negativity, shame and disgust to my pussy for over 30 years, I am not surprised she wasn't happy.

I'm happy to say that now my sex life has improved, but more importantly, so has my relationship with myself. I am learning to love, honour and know myself like I should have done all along.

Now I'm sharing my learning with other women who are suffering like I was, join us on this unique healing journey to that divine aspect of ourselves that resides within all of us

Julie White
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