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Jeni Scott

Accredited Belief Coding® Trainer



I am excited and humbled to say that I am one of the first Belief Coding® Trainers in the world. My passion is to train and facilitate individuals and groups in the UK and across different countries/time zones.

I had to receive a Belief Coding® session before I could be comfortable to be seen on camera, so now the sky is the limit!

My background is a Masters in Drama and Radio Production and after completing my degree, I found myself entering the Casino industry and hospitality sector. This has given me experience and skills in high end customer service but much more importantly, it gave me a great insight into human behaviour. I have always been fascinated by "what makes us tick" and have desired a career change for many years but did not find the missing piece of the puzzle until I met Jessica Cunningham and discovered the incredible modality that is Belief Coding®

I now work with both men and women who come to me with a plethora of discomforts from confidence and relationship issues to physical ailments such as eczema and shoulder pain. There really is no end to the list of things you can work on and I will open your eyes to the beliefs you didn't even know were beliefs! I have had incredible results both with clients and on myself. There really is nothing like it, truly transformational!

My training and 1:1 style is to match the energy of my client(s) giving them a bespoke service and really tapping into what they want. I am compassionate but also add humour where it's needed, breaking the ice and adding to the high vibe and connection between myself and my clients!

Jeni Scott
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