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Jane Baker

Accredited Belief Coding® Coach



I've always been someone who has big dreams & sees the world as a life of opportunity. I believe we can all create whatever we want when we deep dive into our real passions & take confident steps forward to live a life without limits.

An experienced transformational coach, career mentor & holistic practitioner I have been coaching for over eighteen years with professionals and business leaders. My specialism is the application of behavioral and emotional psychology underpinned through a strong holistic approach for rapid change. I am a trained NLP Master Practitioner, Solution Focused Coach, Belief Coding Facilitator & B.C Reach Your Potential Coach

I have been awarded National Mentor of the Year 2019 in London, and Welsh Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2022. From a corporate male dominated life, to mum at 40 without a clue, to building a successful business. I always worried what other people thought. The fear of judgement was my achilles heel, following me around, paralyzing my progress, telling me I didn't deserve success, other people were always better than me,

Perception of success meant that I never felt good enough yet I was a success in my own right, I didn't feel it. I was always ill, tired & never happy....Tired of trying to be something that I wasn't, tired of the bull, tired of the grind...Life felt hard even though from the outside it all looked good.

My years of trialling different holistic energetic and mindset techniques has led me to now and the power of Belief Coding. A process of changing beliefs at the subconscious level - working from the inside out - releasing energetic blocks both physically and mentally for each of the pillars of success. - I've never been happier or healthier - my business is aligned to me and my beautiful clients.

If you need the confidence to finally get your business moving to create the income and impact that you deserve, let’s chat - come and join my group

Jane Baker
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