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Helen Price

Accredited Belief Coding® Facilitator

Penkridge. Staffordshire


Hi, I’m Helen, and I love helping women to reconnect to themselves and shed all of the layers that no longer serve them, so they can live a life of joy that reflects her own truth. To stand in her own power full of love and respect for herself.

I’m an accredited Belief Coding® facilitator, Mind Navigation facilitator, and Belief Coding® Full Potential Coach and absolutely love the work I get to do, and the amazing ladies that I get to watch transform right in front of my very eyes because they have decided to say yes to themselves and fully commit to creating a life filled with joy.

I’ve been on a journey of self discovery and healing for a number of years, after yet another abusive relationship left me full of depression and anxiety, and wanting to give up on life.

I’ve trained in a number of modalities including Creatrix® Transformology®, Timeline Reset and Root Cause Therapy, but it’s the power of Belief Coding® that has had the biggest impact within me. It has enabled me, and continues to, do the deep inner healing I needed to do to release the shackles of the past and embrace the true me that lies within.

Since finding Jessica and Belief Coding® back in April 2022 I’ve shed so many versions of me, as I’ve outgrown each one! I love and respect myself, have strong boundaries, and I’ve become my very own Superhero!!

The ripple effect it’s had on those around me is incredible too. Relationships are stronger and I’m able to be fully present for loved ones when they need me. I’m no longer the one who is needing support!

If you’d like to have a chat about stepping into your own power, and falling madly, deeply in love with YOU, drop me a message and we can jump on a free call to see if we’re a match!

It’s time to say YES TO YOU!!

With love

Helen x

Helen Price
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