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Estelle Ellis

Accredited Belief Coding® Trainer



Estelle Ellis BSc. and MSc. Is the 1st French speaking Belief Coding® Trainer in the world. Estelle is based on the border of East and West Midlands, in the UK. With first-hand experience in substance abuse, severe trauma and grief herself, Estelle’s main focus, has been to ensure that no lasting effects would be endured by her two children. Fast forward 15 months and her initial journey has led her to use this new found technique further and to bring its’ benefits to as many people as possible.

With over 20 years of experience in Business Development within the Video Gaming Industry, she has now not only learnt about the effects of mental health and the escapism that video games can bring to individuals seeking a different world to that, in which they live; she has been able help gamers to live more fulfilling lives outside of the cyber world.

She has also developed a very clear understanding of how limiting beliefs show up and effect employees and employers in businesses on a daily basis. She now helps people suffering with imposter syndrome, fear of public speaking to name but a few discomforts found in the work place. Though the list may seem never ending, it is not by any means permanent. Estelle helps individuals reach their own true potential professionally as well as personally, allowing individuals as well as businesses, to thrive within a working environment.

She has just recently started to work with athletes and on how their mindset and their limiting beliefs has an impactful physical effect upon their performances, often finding injuries have been caused or have been a consequence of an emotional block or trigger.

She has been practising this modality since it’s infancy, working very closely with Jessica and the rest of the Belief Coding® Trainer Team. Available for Zoom sessions at various times of the day and also very flexible and appreciate people's work commitments as well as varying time zones.

Estelle Ellis
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