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Chelsea Chalmers

Accredited Belief Coding® Facilitator



Hi I’m Chelsea,

Since going through my 40s on somewhat of a rollercoaster ride and being forced to confront myself in order to save myself from me,

I soon came to understand that coercive control was something I felt comfortable with it “felt” like home.

Having been raised by a narcissistic parent my subconscious kept me safely invested in toxic relationships through my entire adult life.

Until I experienced 7 deaths in 7years one of those being my children’s father (my partner of 20yrs) alongside coercion, grooming emotional abuse, and financial abuse.

Summer 2021 was make or break, I either end my life (the universe blocked this) or I step up and turn my pain into my power and lead other women/men into theirs too.

During this time I also healed myself from the diagnosis of chronic Osteomyelitis (amputation was on the drawing board) and I kept my limb!!!


I have flipped the diagnosis of PTSD to PTG (a phenomenon known as Post Traumatic Growth) !! 💥

I now hold 4 diplomas in various modalities,

Am currently studying for my ICF somatic trauma informed certificate

AND am accredited as a Belief Coding®️ facilitator and an official

Belief Coding®️Full

Potential Coach.

I can’t wait to work with you and reframe your limiting beliefs and gently guide you to fulfil your life’s desires 🥰

Chelsea Chalmers
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