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Accredited Belief Coding® Trainer

Isle Of Man


My Name is Tracey Brodie I’m a Belief Coding® Trainer and Coach

I’ve been in the Belief Coding®Family for nearly 18 months now and I totally eat sleep and breathe it ! My Life has Completely Turned Around since finding Jess Cunningham Founder of Belief Coding®️

I work with truly Amazing Clients and see the results happening right in front of my eyes which still now blows me away every single time !!! It’s life changing!

I also have a truly awesome bunch of ladies I’m training up to be belief coding ® facilitators who are just incredible !!!!

My Own Biggest shifts are:

🌟 fear of flying and rollercoasters

🌟 fear of judgement

🌟 fear of failure

And many many more 🙏🏼 Honestly I’m a different person today as I’ve set up my own business / become a trainer and I’m my own best friend I’m honestly living my best life free from all of the limiting beliefs that were holding me back ( it was only 16 months ago I was so lonely 🙏🏼 lack of confidence 🙏🏼 I was so lost and broken surviving life not living it I was just empty lost and actually hated myself I literally cried everyday !!!!

My clients I’ve seen their confidence return in one session I’ve seen so many money blocks removed fears totally removed I could go on and on it’s just incredible xxx

I genuinely feel if I can do it anyone can we are all energy and therefore we all have the power within ourselves to heal anything and start living our best lives x

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