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Brianna Boulanger

Accredited Belief Coding® Facilitator

Dallas, TX


Hi my name is Brianna! I am a BC® Facilitator, Neurological Fitness Trainer, Medical Massage Therapist, Health and Life Coach and Trauma Informed Practitioner with over 12 years in the Wellness industry, helping hundreds of clients.

It is my personal mission to help you find healing and to transform your life and absolutely thrive.

I create custom programs and transformational journeys for my clients to help maximize their results and progress. Each client's journey and healing is going to be different than the last and I truly believe that to see success you need a practitioner that can customize and guide you in this process.

It is my goal to guide you to connect back to yourself on a deep level & to see true transformation withing yourself and your life. The healing I guide my clients through is healing I have also done on a personal level for myself and seen incredible life changing results with. I truly believe that with this work you can and will see the results you have been looking for. For me this was the missing piece of the puzzle that created such big changes not only for myself but for my clients as well.

It would be my greatest honor to be able to support you on your healing and transformational journey.

Brianna Boulanger
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