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April L. Dodd, M.A.

Accredited Belief Coding® Trainer

Lakeway, TX, USA


April L. Dodd, M.A., helps high-performing, divinely driven women having a mom experience break the exhaustion habit, reconnect to themselves and their family, and finally find freedom again, which means that what they’re doing each day actually moves the needle for more connection and more energy for what’s most important.

April has been a Transformational Life Design Coach for 22 years, a two-time bestselling author, one of the first fully accredited Belief Coding® Facilitator in the US, and US’s First Belief Coding® Facilitator Trainer.

With an exceptional master’s in Spiritual Psychology, April’s Belief Coding® experiences define healing as the application of loving to the places inside that hurt. This kind of transformation is the potent sacred yes that leaves her clients feeling the permanent shift as the evidence of Spirit finding celebration through them.

Hailed as "absolutely phenomenal!" by Jessica Cunningham, the founder of Belief Coding®, April serves as an alchemist to women from all over the world for inspiration, guidance, and powerful personal and spiritual direction using the rapid transformation of Belief Coding® to embody a soul-aligned life with ease, power, and femininity.

April is the founder of Spiritual Mom Babes, the Creator of The Self-Priority Project & The Sacred Yes Code that helps divine women design a life more powerfully driven by extraordinary living than by dull mediocrity. Internationally known as a Transformational

Life Design Coach April helps women safely create miracles with their inner authority by going from deeply stuck, trapped, and limited, to unwavering and free in a short order of time.

April’s passion in life is really to help make and wake up friends for the journey, because “we’re all just walking each other home.” And having a Belief Coding® session with April will help you to safely know you are this friend, too.

April L. Dodd, M.A. is honored to be a Belief Coding® Facilitator and the first US trainer.

April L. Dodd, M.A.
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