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We've Gone Global!

What a year for Belief Coding® we can barely catch our breath!!

Starting at the beginning in September 2021 with 20 facilitators, fast forward 12 months and we are GLOBAL!!!

We now have over 500 facilitators all over the UK, Europe, USA and Australia.

We are trailblazing a new era of healing.

We have had the summer of our lives travelling the UK, being asked to attend some of the biggest festivals of the year. We have sold out workshops to hundreds of men and women across festivals including Flackstock, Fearne Cotton’s Happy place and Carfest. We have danced and sang on stage with Ronan Keating, Keith Lemon and Olly Murs and we get to call this work!!!!

We have witnessed some incredible transformations and brought together a collective healing in tepees and tents all across the UK, the shifts have been beautiful to watch.

People who attended our workshops are now training to be facilitators following their experience of a 45 minute workshop that introduces just 10% of our process, we think that this statistic speaks for itself and we cannot shout it from the rooftops loud enough that Belief Coding® is Phenomenal!!!

Amazing souls from all around the globe are connecting in our amazing community and sharing each other’s healing journeys, there is laughter, there are tears but even more than that there is deep healing and friendships for life are being made.

We are helping people who thought they were unhelpable, unloveable and not worthy realise that they are incredible human beings who are worthy of the world and more and the best part about all of this is that they are going out into the world and owning their power, they are going on to help others transform their lives one belief at a time.

The ripple effect is spreading across families all over the world and we hear amazing success stories from people removing serious depression, anxiety and phobias.Our tribe is continuing to grow daily and we cannot wait to welcome more people looking to experience the collective power of Belief Coding®.


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