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Founded in 2021 by Jessica Cunningham Belief Coding® has revolutionised healing and self development. A pioneering and fast growing movement that has so far seen over 25,000 facilitations take place worldwide and has produced over 700 highly skilled facilitators.

What makes Belief Coding® stand out within the healing arena? Belief Coding® works with your subconscious beliefs, by working with your subconscious programmes you can create entirely new belief systems allowing you to live a more fulfilled and present life. The Belief Coding® process enables both client and facilitator to embark on an amazing healing journey.  The Belief Coding® process and techniques are standardised and protected by the trademark ensuring the highest level of healing across all of our facilitations.

We all have the answers within our subconscious as to why we are the way we are... good or bad!

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our mission is to make Belief Coding® a household name. We aim to make Belief Coding® as accessible to people as Hypnotherapy, Therapy, CBT.  Our vision is to transform the world one belief at a time, allowing people to become empowered and liberated on their healing journeys.


Meet The Founder

Jessica Cunningham created Belief Coding® after going through her own adversities from childhood sexual abuse, suicide, a miscarriage and being a single mum on benefits, to going on a journey of self healing and development.Since the age of 18 Jessica's passion is understanding how the mind and body work together, and how we can become the very best versions of ourself. 

From studying psychology, human behaviour, and how our mind/body works to being trauma informed, and trained in many various techniques that help us and our clients overcome lifes falls. 

Belief Coding® is a mixture of Eastern and Western ethos' and practice. Making it both science backed and spiritual.

Interested in Belief Coding®?

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